DeVilbiss Airforce One Compressor Nebulizer



Input: 220v/5o hz
Power consumption:180 va
Medication capacity :6 ml
Particle size:respirable fraction 0.5 to 5µm 0.5 µm 80%
MMAD:2.0 µm
Average nebulization rate above 0.5ml/min
Noise level :below 60 dba
Compressor pressure range :30-45 psi
Operation pressure range:12-14.5 psi (0.85-1.1bar)
Liter flow range:8-10 lpm
Operation temperature range:10 °C -40 °C(50 °f-104 °f)
Operation humidity range :10 to 95% rh
Storage temperature range:-10 °C-65 °C
Storage humidity range:10 to 95% rh