Who we are?


N.S.N is committed in its NURSING department with providing professionally trained Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse’s Aides, Babysitters, Geriatrics, Attendants / Careers for you and your loved ones. We present companionship and safety of patient so as to make life a little more secure and enjoyable. We afford a professional and reliable service solution for our families and patients in our community. We provide families and patients with the best, professional and paraprofessional nurses/careers to assist you in the comfort of your own home.

The patient is free to choose long/short term care facilities while they rest in their own home, whether they are recovering from an illness or surgery or they have limitations caused by a certain disability or from the symptoms of growing old. We also provide all types of medical equipment necessary to ease our patient’s movements or restlessness. We will always be ready to listen to your concerns and to provide the appropriate service, we will give you guidance to establish a special bond with the operative and the patient and his needs.

N.S.N has gained a wide reputation bounded with trust, this trust allowed hospitals to demand their staff from our nursing department. So we developed a department dedicated for recruiting the nursing staff of hospitals in the country.

N.S.N was founded in Beirut-Lebanon. We have a highly skilled staff so we can guarantee all levels of demands. More than six hundred doctors have been introduced to our company till now and they have no doubts in recommending us. It is important to mention that our services cover all of Lebanon 24/7.

Our Staff

Our operators have several years of experience, they screen our staff and verify their license status, cross check references and medical records and oversee the history of their work. So that our nursing department only consists of Nurses, Babysitters & Giriatrics specialized with their experience.

Phone: +961 70 31 31 37

World Wide Commitments

N.S.N has already signed agreements with worldwide employment agencies to enable us to recruit the best in order to satisfy our clients. Our mission is to offer the highest standards of care and to strive to identify the changing needs of our clients and to satisfy them with professionals who will provide the appropriate medical occupational in-home care, so that our patients and their families would trust our operatives, knowing that their loved ones are held in safe hands. With our extensive network in hospitals and with doctors we can minimize the financial burden put on families, and via insurance companies our patients will be paying far less while been taken the utmost care needed in their own home rather than in a hospital or a recuperative institution, or even an old folks home. We wish to make life easier for our clients//patients with the minimum expense, as N.S.N is dealing with the most reputable companies available.

In the event of any medical emergency contact us @ 70 313 137