About Medical Tourism

We care… that is why we will be there whenever you need us

Lebanon is the destination of medical tourism from different countries. We have always received it from the Middle East Hospital because the health sector is of an advanced level, unique among the countries of

the region. In addition to its moderate climate, its tourist features and the hospitality of the Lebanese and their care of international fame.

Medical tourism is well known in Lebanon, and it evolves according to the international Medical technology. It aims on defeating sickness and going through surgeries that requires great focus and high skills.

In Lebanon, great and famous medical centers are available, They depend on them for their international 900 ISO quality certification.

To prepare your visit to Lebanon, please do contact us by giving us full health information about you (with all your old exams and results).

Form fill out: www.nsnlebanon.com

Direct 24/24 number: +961 71 57 79 79

Telephone: +961 1435 138

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Three Steps For Medical Tourism

Our Company is here to help you through your medical journey!

Before Arriving To Lebanon

  1. Answering all medical and none medical questions
  2. Helping you choose the right doctor
  3. Schedule medical examinations and inspection if necessary
  4. Applying all payment methods, Including the estimated cost of treatment
  5. Take care of all administrative transactions to facilitate your travel (letters to the embassy, etc.)
  6. Insure of flight, hotel and transportation (including ambulance)

During your stay in Lebanon

  1. Hospitalization facilities and reduced waiting times for doctors
  2. Provide translation servers if needed
  3. All issues related to your stay and medical condition are covered
  4. Facilitate your family’s stay in Lebanon and suggest tourist and recreational activities
  5. Help you out of hospital procedures

After leaving the Hospital

  1. Keep in touch with you and make sure that your healing process is the most complete
  2. Secure a copy of your medical file