Pill Crusher and Splitter


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  • Great for those with dexterity issues and low vision
  • Multiple-use pill cutter/crusher/pillbox
  • Stainless steel blade with guide to cut pills
  • Easy-to-use masher – just twist the cap
  • 3 built-in storage compartments

Perfect for half-pill doses and for those who aren’t able to swallow pills! This compact, handy tool features an easy-to-use pill cutting blade that swings down to precisely cut pills for half-pill doses. Built-in V-shaped grooved wall holds pills firmly in place during cutting.

The pill masher is operated by simply placing the pill in the bottom of the cup and twisting the unit. 3 compartments allow for storage of pills. 2-1/2″ Long x 1-5/8″ Diameter. Durable white plastic with stainless steel blade. Helpful tool for the visually impaired and those with arthritis and other challenges affecting the fingers and hands.


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